Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My love: Sneha speaks out

Sneha maintained a stoic silence even after Prasanna claimed that they are in love and would enter wedlock soon. For the first time, the ‘smiling beauty’ of south Indian cinema has now accepted that she is in a serious relationship with Prasanna and is happy about it.
The actress, who was in Doha when the announcement was made, says, “Though we are in love with each other, Prasanna and I wanted to make an official announcement together. But our media manager spread the matter to all unable to control his happiness.”
Sneha adds: “Elders in our families are currently holding talks. They will decide things soon. Once that is over, I will sure meet the press and will answer all queries. There will be no secrets in my marriage and I am particular about it.”
Meanwhile, sources have it that there was initially some difference of opinion over Sneha-Prasanna relationship in their respective families. “However, since both actors are serious about their affair, the elders have given consent to the marriage,” sources add.

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