Monday, October 24, 2011

"The place tests your patience"- Raageshwari 'Colors' Bigg Boss Season 5,

Colors "Bigg Boss Season 5 saw its release, the most unexpected of a candidate for this week Raageshwari Loomba. He looked upon the woman inside was quiet and simple and loved by all. After removal TellyBuzz had a discussion with the quintessential positivity, as she expressed her opinions about the show and the people inside ...

How was the experience?

I had a wonderful experience on the show and it was like a school of education and a Gurukul for me. It's a place where they test your patience, ventilation, and also your positivity. I got to know how people can react to certain situations in which men create problems when the egg and women's issues in the context of making a shirt of the suspension, etc.

What was the reason for you to be like?

Frankly, from the beginning of the series Salman and Sanjay told me that I am the worst candidate for the show (laughs). Lately, when people meet me somewhere that I can only ask questions about where I am and why I can not go anywhere. So I guess there is much to do now and I think it is a platform where I could prove I'm still here and I'm ready to take on projects.

We regret that take place in the series?

Not at all. Experiences from the house to teach the lessons that life teaches you to unplug yourself from the daily pleasure of my bed, materials, family, etc. teaches you things, what's good for cleaning the bathroom, or in fact, other toilet. It 'perfectly normal to wash the pots and in the morning to wake up and work. I learned that it is love between people, which makes them fight.

Who do you think was your friend in the house?

Honestly, I did not get into groups and build anything against anyone. But I had a special bond with Pooja Bedi, since he knew a long time and I love children. So when I was in the house she shared a close friendship with Juhi Parmar and I realized that this is a very simple girl at heart.

Do you think removing it is unfair to you?

It's actually for the public to decide. When I left the house I was really overwhelmed by the response I got from everyone. A reporter of the channel just told me that I should not be removed, and how I feel about it. It was literally sad.

What was your reaction when you got eliminated?

There was an element of shock when I got nominated, but then I said it was a game, and I will have to be ready for anything.

Now that you've removed, what will you do?

I have things to do, where I have to finish my album that I need to take Sufi. There are other projects waiting in the pipeline.

Public considered a very soft compound on the show. Do you think the program was not intended for you to consider the format and strategy?

Not at all, and I think the show is intended for all, irrespective of the nature of what they are. The show is intended for the family.

If you get a chance for the second innings, how will you prepare?

You know, everybody asks me this and just say that I will be the same, even if a second chance. I do not know how to hurt people and I've learned not to hate anyone.

Who do you think is the game player in the house?

I do not really know how to express it, because there is no ill will against anyone. When Amar (Amar Upadhyay) came, he went around telling the same for all that concerns everyone, but later he realized that nothing is covered by the camera. Now it is beautiful and fully understood the scenario.

Want some tips for everyone in the house?

I do not know if they would follow my advice, I was removed after 14 episodes (laughs). I want to say that just being yourself. If you are a calm, not to lose it if you want to cry, so just do it if you are a person who express your feelings just do it. Just be yourself, otherwise you may as claustrophobic later.

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